Jim Tubb was born in Toronto, 1948, and moved to Waterloo in 1980.

Formal art education: training that was both instructional and inspirational from  Canadian artists – Harold Klunder, Tony Urquhart, John Leonard and Peter Kolisnyk.

Courses and workshops, starting in 1979:

  • Three Schools, Toronto (6) painting, drawing, jazz dance and sculpture
  • University of Waterloo (8) easel painting, drawing, and watercolours
  • Bridgewater Retreat (4) easel painting
  • Fleming College (3) painting
  • Loyalist College (1) easel painting and cubism

Jim Tubb paints primarily with acrylic and oil paintsticks on canvas or plywood.  The main themes found in the work are visual music, northern landscapes and the effects of global warming. Tubb also paints the human condition and his observations of  what life feels like.

He is quite prolific and finishes 40 -50 new works each year.

Every year Jim donates more than ten paintings for cultural and medical research fundraisers. For more information, please contact Jim.