Book List

(A representative list of the books/magazines I have read on the subject of visual music in recent years.)


Lerdahl, Fred,  Tonal Pitch Space,  Oxford University Press, 2001

Kandinsky, Wassily, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, New York, Dover Publications Limited, 1914

Kandinsky, Wassily, Point and Line to Plane, New York, Dover Publications Limited, 1926

Strick, Jeremy, Visual Music, London, Thames and Hudson, 2005

Levitin, Daniel J., This is Your Brain on Music, Toronto, Penguin Group, 2007

Shaw-Miller, Simon, Visible Deeds of Music, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2002

Lochnan, Katharine, David Milne Watercolours, Toronto, Friesens and Company, 2005

Denny, Ned, Modern Painters: The Spirit of Music in Art, London, Summer 2003

Kennedy, Sharon L., Catalogue: Painting  Music: Rhythm and Movement in Art, Lincoln Nebraska,  University of Nebraska, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, 2006

Lock, Graham and Murray, David, The Hearing Eye, Jazz and Blues Influences in African American Visual Art , Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009

Pianoforte and Theory Syllabus, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1968 Edition

Johnson, Steven, editor, The New York Schools of Music and Visual Arts, New York, Routledge and Francis Group, 2002

Duchting, Hajo, Paul Klee, Painting Music, Munich, Prestel Verlag, 1997

Sauer, Theresa, Notations 21, New York, Mork Batty, 2009

Baines, Anthony, European and American Musical Instruments, New York, The Viking Press, 1966


Art & Music Magazine, Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K., Quarterly

Musicworks, Toronto, Musicworks Society of Ontario, Published three times annually