Praise for Jim’s Work

“…Some of Tubb’s pure abstract paintings express the characteristics of the music, while others refer to the “personality ” of the composer or performer. He captures the light, colour, texture and atmospheric effect of the music.

His idea is to show art that discards symbolism for abstraction, and that he does most admirably.”

Slate Art Gallery Guide, May 2012

“I have been awed–truly awed–by the breadth and development of Jim’s painting in recent years.  His ability to create on such a scale and with such energy and originality has inspired me at the music end to the point where some of my new compositions—and the stretching of my own previous compositional boundaries—have a great deal to do with the work I’ve seen in Jim’s studio, as well as the deep and very satisfying conversations we have had about the similarities, differences, difficulties and rewards of creativity.  The result has been a remarkable “handshake” relationship which has added depth and colour to our friendship, and I have been deeply, deeply moved and honoured by some of the work Jim has painted after watching me play and listening to some of my pieces.  I, in turn, have altered my view that creativity is a non-renewable resource into one where to create I need to now thread together various stimuli and events into one cohesive piece.  I see Jim doing that in his own work and thank him for helping me to a new understanding of music and how I compose.”

Mike Grammer, HBA, LL.B, A.R.C.T.
(Associate Royal Conservatory of Music, Performer’s Designation).