I am a painter. For a great many years I have been studying and making art. The up-to-date book/magazine list below may give you some insight into my areas of study and my process.

Visual Music really started to be executable by me in 2004-2005. Trane and Miles (2004) is an example of a larger work where I was struggling and developing my visual music “listening”skills. These “art of listening” paintings began soon after a week long workshop with Harold Klunder and re-reading Kandinsky’s book Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Not long after I started to listen to Icelandic indie techno-pop and the music of John Cage. Also, the jazz of Dave Brubeck and his respect for the art of Miro had an impact on my work. These are just a few examples of the early influences and sources of inspiration for the series “visual music and the act of listening”.

The music I listen to is diverse: everything from Bach to American Jazz. I find now that each painting is a unique glimpse into the emotion contained in the music itself and my emotions that come from listening to the music. I also study the personalities of composers, performers and music theory as I immerse myself. I would like to think that I paint like jazz musicians compose, like John Cage adjusted pianos, like Edgard Varèse (who invented electronic music) thought. You may know the term “surreal automatism”. I paint from the subconscious sometimes and I always go with my instincts to make composition and colour decisions.

Recently I have been attracted to portraying the primary human emotions, and plan numerous works in this sphere. This connects with my new found interest in painting what life feels like.